About Cathy

Photo Credit: Abeille Photography

Photo Credit: Abeille Photography

Cathy Tagnak Rexford is an Alaskan-born, organic-food cookin’, ocean-loving, music appreciator from Anchorage. Her parents come from the villages of Kaktovik, Alaska and Dallas, Texas. This world-traveling, arctic-char fishing, berry picker has three college degrees. A drama-geek at heart, she loves all things theatre and film. 


  • I learned how to love olives from the Alaska Airlines Mediterranean snack pack.

  • One of my favorite memories of my Grammy: watching her salt slices of fresh, homegrown tomatoes.

  • One of my dreams is to see a show at The Globe in London.

  • I am fascinated right now with the works of Philip Glass.

  • I am currently in a turf war with a brown spider.  We are fighting over my balcony.  I am losing.